Jul 152017

Julie decided to do the washing on Thursday – lucky Julie. She found this Toadflax Brocade moth in her IKEA peg basket and sent me the photograph. Now, that’s what I call common! Sally and I also caught one in our garden moth trap last night. This is how I like to have the moths, that we capture, photographed – with the moth beside the illustration in the guide book. I put the data and photograph on iRecord and the sighting is verified by a moth expert. If we have mis-identified a species the photograph helps us to see how we got it wrong. But to be honest, Julie’s photograph is much better!


But to top all of this, Peter and Karen sent this amazing photograph of slow-worms in their garden compost heap! Envious? – I would swap a Toadflax Brocade moth in my peg basket for a slow-worm in my compost heap any day! Peter and Karen are moving house. How can they possibly leave them!

If you did not see Chris Packham’s programme on garden wildlife last week have a look at this. Well done to Paul and Alan for sorting out the website problems. Thanks. Malcolm

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  1. Two in two days? They’re obviously common now!
    I agree the slow worms are an enviable addition to any garden. Unfortunately where we are, the pheasants would probably pick them off.
    Still seeing swifts which is good.