Jul 222017

Steve and Hazel have been keeping their eyes open to discover what birds are breeding in (or very close) to their garden. It’s something that all of us should do more often – and not just in gardens.





It just takes a little bit more effort to actually prove breeding – an important piece of information that helps to track the changes in populations of our birds.  Steve and Hazel have just sent me photographs that are evidence of breeding in their garden.

Sally and I put all of our breeding bird records on BTO Birdtrack. The BTO use codes – FL for fledglings (aka babies), FF for feeding, ON for occupied nest etc. So Steven and Hazel have blackbird FF, dunnock and greenfinch FL and goldfinch FF + FL. Of course, when you look you see so much more – personally I have never seen a goldfinch feeding young!

Thanks to Steve and Hazel for the information and photographs. Apologies if the format of the email or smartphone versions of this post are a mess – best I could do.



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