Aug 152017

Jersey tiger moths seem to be everywhere this year. In a previous post I mentioned that this moth has expanded its range in recent years and is moving north rapidly. However, whenever I enter a sighting in iRecord, the national Biological Records Centre database, I get a message that states my sighting is outside the known distribution for this species. I guess the moth is moving more rapidly than the person who should be updating the known distribution. Anyway, here is proof. A Jersey Tiger on our new black wheelie  bin!


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  1. We’re on our 6th Jersey Tiger in the garden this year. That’s the highest yet. Seeing more of these than the Garden Tigers I used to see as a child, years ago.
    We’ve also got a nice selection of dragonflies using the garden like a woodland ride. Mainly Common Darters and Migrant Hawkers clashing with Southern Hawkers.