Aug 042017

If you have been keeping up with recent posts you will know that we have had some really interesting species in our garden – with, perhaps, the willow emerald damselfly being the best. However it has been a very odd summer with all sorts of new species passing through. We had  a red rabbity looking thing that did not stay long enough for Sally to get a photo – and their have been others. This one must be some kind of wild boar – it must be quite common in Chalk as we have seen at least three of them. Interesting behaviour too! Perhaps they are baby ones and that’s how they keep together. Not sure I want to bump into the parents though.





And then we saw this little critter in the undergrowth. In fact it is still there! It peeks out everytime we go in the garden.

Can anyone tell me what’s going on?


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  1. Ah you have a Gruffalo! I’m jealous.

  2. Only one correct response to this one. We have enjoyed hosting our very own fox family at the bottom of the garden.
    Deanna writes of her own experience “She was an absolutely marvellous mother and we saw the cubs grow up, how she knew if one was `missing’. She first brought a plastic bag for them to play with, advancing to toys or parts of. One highlight was when she was curled up in the garden where she could spot me in the house. She was looking very pleased with herself ”

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