Mar 312018

Many of you will enjoy looking through our photo gallery from time to time, but did you know you can submit your own photographs for others to enjoy?

Our Gallery page is an extract from the full catalogue of photographs that have been uploaded to Flickr by our members. If you click on the link to Flickr at the top of our Gallery page, you will see all the photos in our Flickr group.

To join the group, you need a Flickr account and some photos to share (it doesn’t have to be a Yahoo account, despite the fact that Flickr is part owned by Yahoo).

Flickr will give you a huge 1 terrabyte of free space to upload all your photos and video clips, so it’s worth considering a Flickr account just as a back up to the photos on your pc. 1 tb can hold over 200,000 jpeg images of 14 megapixels.

Once you have a Flickr account, click on “+ join group” and follow the instructions.

Good luck!

Alan E


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