Apr 202018

This year the Gravesend Regatta will take place on 16 & 17 June on Gordon’s Promenade.

This is a great opportunity for the group to meet members of the public and raise awareness of conservation issues.

The Gravesend RSPB group will at the Regatta and we are looking for some help and volunteers.

Our theme will be picking up on this year’s conservation hot topic of plastic waste.  We intend to run theme based quiz, game, competition and make a sculpture out of plastic that can be recycled.

You can help by collecting plastic bottle tops and plastic that can be recycled.  Please bring along to our next indoor or outdoor meetings in clear recycled bags so we can recycle them easily at the end of the weekend.

We are also looking for volunteers to help us run our event: can you spare a few hours?  You don’t to be an expert, just like talking to people and have an interest in nature.  If you can help please speak to any member of the committee.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.


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