Jun 012018

Have you seen a spotted flycatcher this year?    According to data from the BTO spotted flycatcher numbers have declined by 39% between 1995-2016.   To view the data, please follow this link.   The good news is that they are apparently thriving in Scotland where there has been a 66% increase between 2011-2016 – maybe they are moving North with the changes in our climate?

spotted flycatcher

Interestingly, on looking for spotted flycatcher recently we found no evidence of their presence where previously we had found up to six nest sites.    The weather was not good, and we were probably earlier than previous years’ surveys, but it is worrying to find no trace of the species.   We did find a pair in a new site for us, so hopefully all is not lost!

One of the ways you can help to increase data on this and many other species is by joining in the bird track survey run by the BTO, more details can be found here.

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  1. A good report Sue and it’s sad to hear of this lovely birds decline. I had a look on the KOS website and the latest sighting that was recorded, was from Furnace Pond on Friday 01.06.18.
    I have read that there have been a number of sightings in Essex though. Let’s hope that they cross the Thames and visit us.