Oct 312018

Our next outdoor event is our “Volunteer Day” which takes place on Saturday, 3rd November at Cliffe Pools.

The main tasks will be clearing scrub areas including raking, tidying and (weather permitting*) making a bonfire with the cuttings, so you might like to bring some marshmallows to toast!    Bring hot drinks, snacks and lunch.

The Meeting point is the Reserve car park off Salt Lane  (ME3 7SU) at 9.30 am, this will allow for the walk to the area where we will be working for a 10.00 am start.

The plan is to work until 1.30 pm, lunch can be taken around the bonfire, or back at the car park. Please note there are no toilet facilities on site, the nearest being in Cliffe Village or the cafe on Salt Lane.

Please bring suitable footwear for working on the site. Dress warmly and bear in mind if we have a bonfire old clothing would be advisable as the sparks from the fire could blow around in windy weather.

Any tools required will be provided by the RSPB.

* If the dry weather continues then it may not be safe to have a bonfire”
Leaders: Paul Yetman & Sue Healey
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