Nov 212018

Having seen all of the wonderful pictures of birds on our website, Sally has been thinking about taking up bird photography herself. And now that the Gravesend Group has a bird photograph competition …. she has decided to go for it!

But do you know what bird it is? Can you even see the bird?

Any answers most welcome.

Top marks to Sally for effort though.


 Posted by on 21 November 2018 at 9:37 pm

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  1. By email to webmaster

    “A great improvement on your previous photos Sally. Well done. Is it a Waxwing with a broken neck?”


    • That was Alan R, Sally, not me!
      I think your photos are brilliant – much better than Malcolm’s…

  2. What a wonderful picture Sally. I don’t know why everyone is having trouble identifying the bird. It’s obvious , it’s one of those little brown jobs!

  3. I think it’s a finch of some sort – Goldfinch perhaps?

  4. Malcolm; do not fret – for help is at hand.

    Look at the alula, eye-ring, vent, lesser coverts and head profile and you will see it is obviously the striking Gravesend sub-species of the Lesser-spotted-wigeon-warbler, less gregarious than the rest of the species and a new bird tick for your garden!

  5. Greenfinch possibly.

  6. I would still go for Waxwing.

  7. Just a “heads up” re the photo competition Malcolm mentioned so you have time to prepare:

    This will take place at the upcoming social evening in December where there will be two categories:

    1. Action shots.

    2. The one that could have been (ie those photo attempts that missed the subject).

    Bring along your photos printed out please, and a maximum of 2 entries per category per person.

    It is all in good fun.