Apr 082019

Our next indoor meeting takes place this Thursday, 11th April at Northfleet School for Girls.

The presentation will be “Plover lovers world of delights”by Rik & Elis.

Our “Wader Quest” duo will return to tell us more about the lives of Plovers, those wading birds seen in all kinds of watery habitats.

The meeting starts at 07:30pm and will finish at 09:45pm.

Admission to all our indoor meetings is £3.50 for members including refreshments during the interval. Non-members will be charged £4.50 but their first indoor meeting will be free if they join the Group.

Our meetings are open to all. If you have not been before, please come along and introduce yourself – you will be made very welcome!

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  1. What a great evening! Rik delivered a forthright, knowledgeable and amusing talk regarding a subject close to his heart. Accompanied by some really good photos from Elis, this was a special event. Their enthusiasm was boundless and should be seen by all.

  2. Rik has a huge wealth of knowledge of all things waders and his talk on lapwings, plovers and dotterels was entertaining and informative. I particularly liked the different collective nouns used for different species:
    a deceit of lapwings
    a congregation of golden plovers
    a wing of ring plovers
    a range of mountain plovers
    My favourite was his suggestion for the swirling flocks of waders as they flash between black and silver – an inspiration of waders
    We witnessed this spectacle ourselves when we visited RSPB Cliffe Pools in January

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