Apr 282020
Don't forget your library

If you enjoy reading and are running out of books, this article may help. I have rediscovered my library membership at KCC libraries, where I can “borrow” eBooks and eAudiobooks as well as having access to eMagazines and eNewspapers. I’ve already borrowed a couple of books and have my name on a few others currently […]

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Apr 272020

Our group website is available again, after an outage that occurred over the weekend (25-27 April) when we were migrated ‘to the cloud’. So if you attempted, in vain, to download our latest spring edition of the newsletter, you can do so now.  Please click this link. Remember we are also on Facebook – here […]

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Apr 212020
Moths - What's in a Name?

Alan has sent me this list of moths that he has caught in his moth trap this year. The chances are that if you do not have a moth trap yourself you will never have heard of these species before. If you do know about moths then you will know most of these, as they […]

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Apr 172020
Jean Henri Fabre and Bees

One of my entomological heroes is the Frenchman Jean Henri Fabre (1823-1915). He was not a great explorer, collector or taxonomist – he simply watched insects and recorded the details of their behaviour. He spent hours, sitting on the ground under the hot provencal sun, watching bees and other insects going about their daily lives. […]

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Apr 112020
Osprey Nest cams from around the UK

Check out these live Osprey nest cams.  You can click on all the thumbnails to have simultaneous feeds.  To enlarge any given one to full screen, click the square symbol in the lower right hand corner of each frame.  Press Esc to return to the grid.  If the sound is muted on each, click the […]