Apr 282020

If you enjoy reading and are running out of books, this article may help.

I have rediscovered my library membership at KCC libraries, where I can “borrow” eBooks and eAudiobooks as well as having access to eMagazines and eNewspapers. I’ve already borrowed a couple of books and have my name on a few others currently out on loan.

If you don’t have membership already or you can’t find your library card, you can get a temporary library card valid for 3 months (possibly longer) here:


KCC use a third party to manage the book lending process (Libby) and another for access to magazines and newspapers (PressReader). Once you have your library card and pin, you’ll need a couple of apps on your phone or tablet (Libby for eBooks and eAudiobooks and PressReader for newspapers and magazines) and once you’ve registered with these using your library card number, you’re all set to go.

hint: if Libby has trouble finding your local library on a map, remember the main branch is in Maidstone.


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