Apr 132020

In this time of national (almost international) lockdown against the spread of the COVID-19 virus, when our meetings and outdoor gatherings are cancelled, reserves and many country parks closed, local groups of all callings are helping people cope in many different ways. As the local RSPB Group we will continue to stay in touch with our members using various ‘digital’ channels. And furthermore enable our members to connect with each other.

We are doing so via our group website – if you have not done so, sign up to our email delivery service to ensure you get the latest posts delivered to your email inbox.

We also have an active Facebook page and have launched a private Facebook Group – the ‘Gravesend RSPB “Stay-at-Home” Group‘. You just need to request to join.  This is a great way to share sightings from your garden/home or when on your permitted daily local exercise. Perhaps you have not yet embraced Facebook and if not I encourage you to do so, it is free to sign up, it is easy to use – whether by phone, tablet or laptop/PC and a great way to stay in touch.

Staying at home has given us the opportunity to focus on what is happening around our own homes. One of our initiatives is to compile a ‘Great Group Garden’ bird list. Keep a record of the birds and other wildlife you see and hear from your home and /or garden, together with the dates observed and number seen – and post them regularly on our Facebook group.

(c) Howard Vaughan – 1 of 3 kites over Strood

We also share photographs, for example, this Easter weekend has seen several members post pictures and sightings of Red Kite and buzzard drifting over our homes. Which shows it is always worth watching the skies.

Over the coming weeks we will hold regular wildlife ‘Seen-at-Home’ photo competitions – such as best picture of the week.  Paintings, drawings, sculptures and other art forms also welcome!  Pick up your camera, pen, paint brush etc  and get creative!

To keep us entertained we shall be posting various quizzes, crosswords, word searches and brain teasers.  Thanks to my daughter Emily who is helping compile some of these, but don’t be shy, you’re welcome to compile your own to challenge us all!

As our ‘Easter present’ to you all, here is a wordsearch with garden bird names hidden inside and the ‘Square Birds’ identification quiz.  Don’t post the answers here – I’ll give them in later post. 🙂

Garden Birds Word search

Square birds


Stay safe, stay at home and share with us your wildlife sighting seen from home.


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  1. thanks Paul & Emily – those bird squares are a bit tricky aren’t they! 😉