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Join Sally and I for the 4G Bird Watch. What birds are using your garden or have made a flypast.  Almost no rules! All we want is a list of birds in your garden (estimated numbers or maximum count) seen or heard. Add a note if you have nesting or have seen fledged birds or adults carrying food if possible. Choose how you do the bird watch. Either all in one go like the RSPB garden bird watch. Or a period each day. Or just add birds as they appear during the week. Anyone can send in results. You don’t have to be a member of the group or live in the Gravesend area – for anyone following our website, receiving our emails or Facebook page.

The bird watch starts now and ends next Sunday 7th June 2020. Send in your list when you have finished or by Monday 8th June. We will collate the results and write a post on the Gravesend RSPB Local Group website with a link to Facebook.

Send your list with your firstname and general location ie Meopham, Northfleet etc.

Send an email to (or any other email that you have for Malcolm or Sally)

or add your list to the group Facebook page or as a comment to a Facebook 4G post or a comment on this blog on the group website. Its easy!

Send a few of your photographs if you wish – We can use them in the blog post or in the gallery.

Malcolm and Sally

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  1. Great idea. Happy to join in..

  2. Excellent idea and we shall join in.

  3. My list from the first week in June in my garden was:-
    House sparrow – at least 6
    Starling – 3
    Blue tit – 2
    Great tit – 1
    Dunnock – 2
    Robin – 1
    Blackbird – 1
    Wren – 1 (h)
    Blackcap – 1 (h)
    Goldfinch – 2 (flyovers)
    Woodpigeon – 2
    Collared dove – 2
    Ring-necked parakeet – 1 (fly over)
    Carrion crow -2
    Magpie – 1
    Herring gull (fly over)
    Black-headed gull (fly over)
    Feral pigeon (too many!)
    But the key bird for us : SWIFT – 20+
    Paul – Gravesend

  4. My list for the week (max at any one time):

    Sparrow 11
    Starling 13 (7 juv)
    Blackbird 2
    Robin 1
    Bluetit 2
    Goldfinch 3
    Dunnock 1
    Wood pigeon 3
    Collared dove 2

    And flying over:

    Swift 6
    House Martin 5
    Crow 2
    Jackdaw 11
    Magpie 3
    Herring gull 2
    Black headed gull 6
    Ring neck parakeet 7

    No raptors this week – but it’s not exactly been the weather for sitting out drinking coffee and gazing to the heavens.

    No rosy starling’s but I live in hope, and no albino starling that has been spotted in riverview apparently…