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Some of you facebook users will know all about the group’s “stay-at-home” group and will know that those members have been counting wildlife in their gardens during lock-down, but for the many who don’t use facebook or those who prefer to stick with the “old” technology like emails and websites (including me 😉 ), here is their list of sightings.

The list is up to the end of May, so nicely dovetails in with Malcolm and Sally’s 4G bird watch which is running this week:

Grey heron, goldfinch, dunnock, blackbird, wood pigeon, starling, robin, blue tit, magpie, great spotted woodpecker, wren, blackcap, crow, jackdaw, grey wagtail, stock dove, rook, great tit, chaffinch, skylark, black-headed gull, house sparrow, feral pigeon, green woodpecker, mediterranean gull, herring gull, red kite, common buzzard, ring-necked parakeet, greenfinch, sparrowhawk, mallard, red-legged partridge, willow warbler, nuthatch, coal tit, goldcrest, treecreeper, house martin, common gull, tawny owl, cuckoo, whitethroat, song thrush, pied wagtail, swift, lesser whitethroat.

Speckled wood, orange tip, small white, holly blue, elegant hawk moth, treble bar moth, silver ‘y’ moth, brimstone, peacock, red admiral, mint moth, pebble prominent moth, wall, green-veined white, comma, small tortoiseshell, buff-tipped moth.

Red and black froghopper, broad-bodied chaser, 14 spot ladybird, emerald beetle, carpet beetle, field grasshopper instar, bishops mitre bug, garden chafer, lauria cylindracea (snails), crab spider, common pipistrelle, dark bush-cricket nymph, large bee-fly, tawny mining bee, hoverfly, rosemary beetle, azure damselfly, large red damselfly, coreus marginatus, woodlice spider, green and white aphids, harlequin larvae, episyrphus balteatus, eristalis pertinax, helophilus pendulus, hairy-footed flower bee, buff-tailed bee, white-tailed bumble bee, caddisfly, pantaloon bee, ladybird larvae, woodlice spider, jumping spider

Squirrel, hedgehogs, common frog, wood mouse, fox, newts.

Thanks to Steve for collecting the data. Lets see if the Gravesend Group Great Garden Bird Watch can beat this in just one week’s observations!

Alan E

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  1. Also to add to this list: Long tailed tit, pheasant, speckled bush cricket nymph, thick thighed flower beetle, black fly(aphid), ant, slug, freshwater snail, water louse, daphnia, red mason bee, wool carder bee, brown banded carder bee, common carder bee, red tailed bumblebee, burnet companion moth, small yellow underwing moth, common blue butterfly, small heath butterfly, small skipper butterfly, large white butterfly, meadow brown butterfly.

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