Dec 162020

Donna Zimmer, with Barry Wright, has created this brilliant film showing just why Swanscombe Marshes is such a special place and needs to be protected.

Group at Swanscombe Marsh

Group at Swanscombe Marsh 2017

If you haven’t been there yet, then this will entice you down there.   Personally, having visited quite often this year,  its made me realise what I have missed!  Please enjoy this film and feel free to share it. 

If you want a great bit of nightingale footage, then this is a must for you.

You tube link again – in case you prefer to use this.


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  1. Yes this a unique local site and should be preserved. Thank you for the video. Has the Dartford Warbler been seen there as suggested at the beginning of the video?

  2. Lovely video – had no idea there was so much to see there!