Jan 112021

André Farrar will be talking to us this Thursday evening at 7:30pm about ‘Kent – the Wildlife Garden of England’.

Please ensure you get your ticket ahead of the event as the ticket sale ends at 7:30pm on Thursday, when the event starts.

The tickets are available on a donation basis – with a minimum donation of £1 and a suggested donation of £3.

Go through to the Eventbrite site to get your ticket at the link below.


Click on the green ‘Tickets’ button.

On the next page, enter a donation amount (£1 min).

Click the red ‘Checkout’ button to order your ticket.

Access to the meeting will be via the Events page via the ‘Access the Event’ button (bottom right of first page).  You will also get a reminder email.


I look forward to welcoming you to our first online talk!


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  1. I am an RSPB Member in Thanet (Membership *********). Is it possible to sign up for the Farrar talk on Thursday?

    Best regards,
    Chris Welsh

    • No problem for you to join the talk on Thursday evening by Andre Farrar. The talk is open to all. Just head over to the Eventbrite site to get a ticket and access to the meeting on the evening.