Jan 302021

Swanscombe Marshes (© Sue Healey)

Following several earlier posts regarding the plan for a Theme Park to be built on the Swanscombe Peninsula, there are several things that we can all do to help fight the plan.  It is not only the impact that this development will have on wildlife in the area, the loss of a rare piece of mixed habitat with huge biodiversity, there is also the detrimental affect this will have on the environment for the people who live in the area and the loss of a vital outdoor space for people to enjoy – particularly highlighted in the last year.

Work by the RSPB, Buglife, Kent Wildlife Trust, and many local people, including some of our members, have shown that rather than being built upon, the land is actually worthy of being designated as a SSSI.

The three organisations are collaborating in opposing the development, and have already responded in the Public Consultation.  See a précis of the RSPB response in our previous post.

There are several ways you, your friends and family can get involved:
Sign the Buglife Petition

Ask the BBC to withdraw their interest in The London Resort project bearing in mind their Strategy for environmental sustainability see the BBC Strategy.
Sign the Petition here: Ask the BBC to withdraw interest

Join Facebook Groups who are gathering interested people together to give a co-ordinated approach to opposition of the development.
Save Swanscombe Peninsula
Swanscombe Marsh Protection Campaign

and of course our own Facebook page

If you are on Twitter, search #Swanscombe, #swanscombepeninsula, #swanscombemarshes, #LondonResort

If you are interested in helping in any way, please do not hesitate to contact either ourselves or any of these organisations.   Any chance you get to spread the word please share on social media and in any other way you can to make them aware of the development.

This area has been enjoyed by walkers and wildlife, as Malcolms post shows, it was an area that Robert Pocock (1760-1830) knew well and on their visit in 2014, Malcolm and Sally found the Wild Wallflowers that Pocock had seen nearly 200 years before.

To read more of our posts on the area just put Swanscombe in the search facility on our home page.

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  1. An excellent post Sue and I have signed the petition. We must do all we can to save the marshes.