Nov 192021

Next week on Tuesday 23rd November I am giving a talk “Wildlife of the North Kent Marshes” at the Masonic Halls Gravesend at 2pm. Our original speaker, as on the programme, is unable to be with us. I have been drafted in to fill the gap! To be honest I have delved in to my archive of presentations – so you may have seen some of it. But the presentation has been greatly improved by the addition of some wonderful photographs by Alison, Sue, Sally, Steve and Terry.

So what is the grey heron saying to the teal?








And who is this man and what does he have to do with grey herons?

Come along and find out.


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  1. I think that the heron is saying, ” out of the way chaps, don’t you know this is the heron landing pad?

  2. A really good and informative talk by Malcolm and thank you for doing this at such short notice.

  3. Close Irene – but too many words for a grey heron. It is simply saying “DUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Also thanks to Sue, Steve, Sally, Terry, Alison, Chris and Julie for providing the brilliant photographs for my talk.
    The other photograph shows the bird ringing hut with one of the very early wardens (early 1960s)