Jan 092022

I have had a reply regarding the colour-ringed common redshank seen by members of the group at Reculver on 2nd January.

The colour rings were seen really well on Steve’s photograph:

Common Redshank by Steve Cullum

left leg: yellow over blue flag

right leg: green over white

The information has come back confirming that the bird was ringed by Swale Wader Group on November 2nd at Harty.
Here’s a quote from their reply which makes interesting reading and without Steve’s photograph they would not have been able to comment on its possible provenance.

We started a colour ringing project on Redshank this year and we have ringed 42 birds this year. We are hoping to get more information on the origin of Redshank wintering on the Kent coast and their relationship to the Kent Breeding population. Redshank numbers nationally are declining both on breeding grounds and in winter.

The bird you reported was especially interesting as it was unusually large, suggesting it may be from the Icelandic population.

Redshank tend to be site faithful so you may be able to see it later this year or in future years.

If you see the bird or any other colour ringed Redshank please report it.”

All reports can be sent direct to Swale Waders here: