Apr 172022

This is how many of us in the Gravesend RSPB Local Group remember Cynthia – out birding with her husband Geoff. On this occasion the group had travelled to Ashdown Forest where, as always, Cynthia delighted in seeing the birds and other wildlife. It is with sadness that I have to report that Cynthia died on the 5th April. She died peacefully in her sleep aged 96.  Her funeral will take place on the 26th April at Tunbridge Wells.

Cynthia was a founding member of our group. For many years she was the friendly, welcoming face at all of our indoor meetings – as she happily took the admission fee off you as soon as you walked in! Along with Geoff (Group treasurer), their friends David Arnold (Group leader) and his wife, Rosemary (Sales Secretary) and others, she formed part of the foundation of the group. Together they organised field trips, meetings, visits to schools, stalls at village fetes and much more. Most of what the Gravesend Group does today started then. Cynthia should be remembered for the part she played in the promotion of bird conservation and the work of the RSPB.

Cynthia loved being out in the countryside. She and Geoff travelled widely to enjoy watching birds. She was always a great companion to be with out birdwatching. She kept her own bird list and I enjoyed watching the gentle rivalry between her and Geoff as to which of them could see the most birds. I am sure that those who went out with Cynthia will have their own special memories of her. For me, it was a birdwatching trip to Shellness on Sheppey. In winter the site is known for its large roost of waders. Thousands of oystercatchers, godwits, dunlin, knot and other species gather there at high tide. As usual, the conversation turned to how to pick out and identify the knot. Always a challenge. Several of us threw in our thoughts. Then Geoff said ” It’s easy. The knot are the dumpy birds with short, little legs – like Cynthia”. I am not sure what Cynthia said when she got Geoff back home!  But since then, whenever I see a knot,  I always, always, think of Cynthia – which is nice.

If you wish to attend the funeral please contact Sally or myself, or any of the committee members for more information.


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  1. Lovely words Malcolm. I will remember Cynthia (and Geoff) for her warmth and kindness. As young birders, they took us under their wing during a visit to Norfolk, sharing their precious holiday time with us to show us around. I will also remember Cynthia for her ability to spot the birds we were all looking for – she was often the first.

  2. Lovely description of a very lovely lady. I will always remember her (and Geoff), spritely climbing over gates across the marshes, showing up some of us that were several decades younger!
    It was nice knowing them and how they passed their knowledge on about birds to beginners.
    Sending condolences to Cynthia and Geoffs family.
    They will be remembered fondly.

  3. By email

    Sad news indeed, but a lovely photo. Although I have not participated in the group, for what is now some years, I do remember Cynthia very well. She will be sadly missed.
    Regards to all
    Annette Brown

  4. Such a super photo of a lovely couple. Geoff and Cynthia took us and our children under their wing when we first joined the Gravesend RSPB Group. They were so helpful and friendly, and Geoff had a wicked sense of humour!
    We remember them with great fondness.

  5. The Ashdown photograph was probably the last time I saw them both, and my first was an outdoor walk with the Group in 1986. We saw little owl. They were both very keen to make sure I saw it. She was the first welcome many of us received at an indoor meeting, followed by a speedy hand requesting our admission. A lovely lady beautifully remembered.