Nov 162011

Those of you who have walked with Malcolm, will understand today’s dilemma.   There were two women out on the loose, Irene and myself being the only two remaining members of our Wednesday walkers – but we managed our identifications without assistance [sorry to disappoint you Malcolm!] We decided on Oare as it always produces a good number […]

Nov 022011
Super Sheppey

When I meet new people and discuss where we live I often get “Oh, you’re so lucky to have all those good sites near you”.   Today just confirmed how right they are and how brilliant the area is for getting out and seeing great birds. Having checked a few websites last night, the Sheppey area […]

Mar 232011

Today’s outing was far warmer than any so far this year!   The first (and best) sighting of the day came on the approach to Shellness where two short-eared owls were displaying over the fields (see photos). Superb! Great views had by all from the car.    One caught up with us later near the car […]