Aug 092012

A dozen of us met in the car park at Oare for this Saturday morning walk.   High tide was due at around 3 pm, and we know from experience that this means that the mud on the Swale will be covered by 1 pm, so we opted to start off on the seawall. A […]

Apr 262012
The Wettest Day of the Year

Great, the wettest day of the year so far and it chooses to be a Wednesday, so yet another soaking on the cards.   In view of the forecast we decided to go to Sevenoaks KWT reserve this week, plenty of natural cover to provide shelter and the luxury of hides, tea and toilets, what more […]

May 042011
Dungeness in May - a Purple (Heron) Patch?

Not quite but nearly.   Whilst we were at Dungeness today, the report came in that there are now two Purple Herons on the site which is great news. Anyway, on to more normal Wednesday bird watching.   Early on we saw curlew, oystercatchers, dunlin with lovely black bellies, several full plumage red knot, redshank, cormorants sitting on their twiggy […]