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Sep 252018
Beluga whale in the Thames

A beluga whale has been seen swimming in the River Thames. It was first spotted by ecologist and ornithologist Dave Andrews, who said it had been feeding around barges near Gravesend in Kent. The Whale and Dolphin Conservation said it was “obviously very lost and quite possibly in trouble”. Vessels are being kept clear, with […]

Sep 172018
Newsletter editors blog No3

Five ways to celebrate the last of the summer – a post by Aisling B in the community section of the RSPB’s website.  Whilst officially, we don’t say goodbye to British Summer Time until the 28th October, I think we can all agree that it’s starting to feel like the season is on the turn. […]

Aug 182018
Newsletter editors blog No. 2

Following on from Malcolm’s excellent article ‘Are butterflies getting rarer‘ in the members posts, I wonder if you have seen anything interesting in your garden. We only have a smallish back garden and have had Small White, Large White, Common Blue and a Meadow Brown, amongst others. How has your garden coped during the really hot […]

Aug 082018

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post. I would like to thank all of you that have commented on the newsletters and given me some good feedback – much appreciated and more to come. Our groups website has been praised by many and is the envy of some others. This, naturally enough, is a […]

Jul 252018

Our next outdoor meeting takes place this Saturday, 28th July at Dungeness RSPB reserve. Please note this is not the usual starting point for our Dungeness trips as we are going straight to the RSPB reserve. Meet in the RSPB reserve car park at (TR067184) TN29 9NF. Today we are going on a “Bee Walk” with […]

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