Aug 102010

Our evening walk with Paul was well supported, with 17 adults and a charming young birder who proved to be the only sensible one among us who came armed with a bird book which was much-borrowed as the evening progressed.  Thank you Kieran (aged 6).
Parking had been agreed in front of the car park access gates (as these are locked at 5.30 pm) and we wandered through the car park to enter the reserve proper.   From the Pinnacle viewpoint we saw cormorant, coot, redshank, and grey heron, along with little egret – each of these was carefully investigated in case it bore a large spoon-shaped bill – sadly not on this occasion.
Walking along the track between pools towards the sea wall, we stopped several times to scan the pools.   Here we watched greenshank, curlew, dunlin, avocet and black-tailed godwit.   Several Kestrels were spotted hovering overhead and the usual gulls flew over coming in to roost.   Pied wagtails, blue and great tit, and blackbirds were moving ahead of us.
At the sea wall, we added shelduck, whimbrel, whilst the end of the flamingo pool gave us better views of greenshank, along with oystercatcher, ringed plover, mallard and tufted duck. 
Returning to the cars, as the sky darkened we discussed the added complications of juvenile and eclipse plumage at this time of year, and enjoyed listening to the sound of the birds settling to their evening roosts.
An excellent evening, thank you for leading Paul.
YTD species total – 139

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