Sep 022011

Black-tailed Godwit and Grey Plover

This week our usual group of five were down to two so Irene and I decided to go somewhere a little more local this week with a trip to Grain.

The tide was out when we arrived and we had great views of hugh numbers of black-tailed godwit, oystercatchers, and some superb grey plover still in their summer plumage.  They were really handsome as they strutted about with other less smartly dressed winter plumaged birds following in their wake.    Black-headed gulls were paddling in the shallows bringing tasty morsels to the surface where they plucked them off the top of the water.

As we moved along the coast towards the quarry there were large brambles full of ripening blackberries, sadly we had nothing to collect them in.   As we moved along the cliff there were flocks of starling flying around, and then a larger group of smaller birds – these turned out to be linnet.   There were over 30 in the flock, with the majority of birds appearing to be juveniles still with shorter wings and downy feathers, there only appeared to be two of adults with colour on them.



In the small bushes near the cliff edge we found several whitethroat, with blue and great tit, blackbirds and wren joining in the feeding.

The tide had come in and with lunch calling we returned to the car park and picknicked on a nearby bench.   After our break we moved off along the coast to view the moat and orchard area.   It was surprisingly quiet and although we took a slow walk around the sheltered area and watched every movement, we managed to see a family of blue tit, several blackbirds and another couple of whitethroats.

With the group trip to Allhallows on Sunday the omens are good for a great walk.



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