Sep 192011

Grey Dagger Moth Caterpillar

I found the pictured caterpillar on my roses today, luckily I hadn’t chopped its branch back.

It is a Grey Dagger moth caterpillar

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  1. Found one of these today, also on a Rose Bush. I’ve never seen one before.

  2. Have found two of these today munching my cherry tree leaves

    • Its great to see more reports of this species. I keep looking where I saw the first one, but sadly no more yet. Hopefully they are still in the area and I am just not paying enough attention.

  3. I too have found one of these on my roses today, I live in Scotland is this a common site as I’ve not seen one before?.

  4. This month (September) I have found one in my garden on a rose, another on a dogwood and a third on an oak – so they’re not fussy. The first one remained in its position on the upper side of the leaf for ten days and had white threads connecting it to the leaf. I assumed it was parasitised but recently it has become active, doubled in size and is eating whenever I observe.

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