Jan 282012

We decided to go to Bossenden Woods last Sunday after having read the report on the Group website.    We found the wood  – it was very quiet and we had almost given up hope of seeing anything, when on the way back to the car we stopped as there was a fair amount of bird activity in a particular area  – mainly blue tits, great tits, coal tits and chaffinches – then Ian spotted the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (in fact he is sure there were two).   The photo is not that great as the bird was a long way up in the tree!!

Lesser spotted Woodpecker


You might also like to see the photo of one of the short-eared owls we saw at Capel Fleet this afternoon.  There were at least two, if not more, lots of marsh harriers and buzzards.

Short-eared Owl


Sue and Ian

More of Ian’s photos are in the gallery

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  1. Great photos Ian – and both of birds I missed out on last year. 🙁

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