Jul 082012

As we set out  I wondered how many others would be as adventurous (mad) as us to go wandering about in the rain on a Saturday evening birdwatching. If no one turned up at least we could have a couple of pints in The Woodman! Anyway to my surprise there were about a dozen of us so we set off in the drizzle to see what was about on the common. Well not much really a few bats swirled about meaning that insects were flying,  food for nightjars, and glow worms lined the tracks. Woodcock were heard but unfortunately not seen – and no owls were hooting.

However the rain eased and by one of the clearings we heard the unmistakable churring of probably 2-3 nightjars. And then there were 2 of them fluttering about above our heads; they are inquisitive birds and were probably looking to see what/who was about on such a wet evening. But all too soon they were gone and did not reappear and churring was  then heard further away.

So we trudged back to the pub through even muddier tracks but happy to have seen such elusive birds under far from ideal conditions.  Congratulations to those who turned up – lets hope the weather is better next year.

 Jeffrey Kirk

 Posted by on 8 July 2012 at 11:22 am

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