Apr 162013

As Sunday dawned warm and with the promise of sunshine, we decided that a trip to Sevenoaks Reserve would be a good idea. So we set off hoping that things may now be happening on the warbler front.  As we arrived, we were not disappointed!

On opening the car door, we heard the descending song of a Willow Warbler, distant but very distinct in the background of birdsong that greeted us. What a great start!

On setting out, just past the visitor centre, we stood and watched a male Blackcap flitting from tree to tree and coming teasingly close to see, but just hidden enough not to get the best of shots.

As we ambled along the track, it struck us how behind everything is this year on the trees and bushes with only a hint of  blossom out, however this made viewing the birds much easier. We saw so many Great Tits, counting them was difficult and Blue Tits were everywhere. Then we heard and spotted the first of NINE Willow Warblers! Chris managed to get a distant shot.

Willow warbler arrives!

Willow warbler arrives!

After popping in the hide and walking the rest of the track, we ended up in the area where it’s possible to see Stock Doves and once again we were rewarded with two at reasonably close quarters.

Whilst we surveyed the field we noticed to our left a huge dead tree trunk with many a hole and crevice pecked out from its bulky trunk and two Blue Tits investigating these. It was very amusing to watch because there were two holes about a foot apart and a Blue Tit would disappear into the bottom hole and then seconds later, pop out the top hole. It seemed to be having fun!

As we had only time for a morning walk we made our way back and were delighted to see Treecreeper, Robin, Lapwing, Cormorant, Greylag, Great Crested Grebe, Jackdaw and to finish off nicely, a solitary Siskin, probably wondering where all its mates had gone.


And today- I’m gloating! I visited Northward Hill and was astonished by a little bird that sat in the brambles at the viewpoint. It was a beautiful male Redstart. Wonderful!



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