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10 of us met at the Old Lodge Nature Reserve on a bright sunny, but cooler day. Within a very short space of time we saw a common redstart, with its gingery tail clearly visible when it flew away from us – this was the first of many redstarts which we found while walking round this lovely nature reserve. Although it was fairly quiet, we managed to see about 16 different species during the morning, including green woodpecker, coal tits and several pairs of stonechat. There were many swallows swooping to catch insects, at least two buzzards circling overhead and we spotted a hobby and a kestrel.

We stopped for quite a while at a pond to look at dragonflies and damselflies. After enjoying lunch using logs under the trees as seats, we came upon a pair of woodlark which we all had really good views of.

Upon returning to the car park, we spoke to another group who had been looking for dragonflies, and we left Malcolm and a few others excitedly dashing off in hot pursuit of a golden-ringed dragonfly which had been seen nearby. We hope they managed to find it!

Sue & Ian

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  1. We did indeed see the Golden-ringed dragonfly Sue & Ian. Two in fact! We had quite a descent to the stream where they had been seen but once at the bridge we didn’t have to wait long. One settled briefly while we got some bad photos, but they both patrolled the stream, passing under our bridge so that we had good views of them.

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