Jul 082013

Have you seen the RSPB’s brand new TV ad?  You can watch it here and also see the ‘making of ‘ video.

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  1. I suppose I recognise and support the theme from this advert that if we all help to do something for nature eg “Making homes for nature” then that may contribute to reversing the decline detailed in the report “The State of Nature”. As many of you know I believe strongly in bringing nature to children. However using a child (and especially a girl – boys of course play football) is a bad start for the advert. Firstly, using a child, infantalizes our support of nature. It says nature is for children, pond dipping, minibeasts and all that. It confirms that Nature is not a part of the real hard world that we adults live in – working, getting a mortgage, trying to find enough to eat. Secondly it could be 30 years or more before the child shown will be in a position to drive the changes in our society and economy that are required. At the moment that child is as much of a victim as the wildlife itself of our current attitude to nature. The child is not yet part of the solution.
    Even if we ignore the use of a child the advert still seems to me to miss the point. Hedgehogs have suffered a huge decline in population. I do not claim to be any sort of hedgehog expert but I would guess that the decline has very little to do with a lack of “homes”. The decline in urban areas may be linked to the great increase of traffic and hence hedgehog road accidents. The decline may be associated with the huge increase in the use of chemicals in our gardens. Or perhaps climate change has caused changes in the ability of hedgehogs to hibernate successfully. I don’t know. But I doubt, even if everyone in the RSPB put a hedgehog home in their garden, that it would make any difference to the population of hedgehogs. In other words we are being sold a lie. Even worse it may make people think that they have done their “bit”. My understanding of the state of nature is that things are pretty dire. The situation will not improve by doing a “bit more”. If I am going to be asked to do something for nature it ought to be something that will actually make a difference.
    I think the advert is lame, avoids tackling real issues, disempowers adults, and is devoid of ideas for conservation.

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