Aug 022013

For those of you that missed the SE News last night, they reported a story about nesting Peregrines on the chalk cliffs surrrounding the Bluewater shopping centre. Here is the story with video clip.

If you’re interested in paying a visit, it looks to me like the presenters are standing in the SW side of Bluewater ie round the far side furthest from the road entrances.


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  1. It will be interesting to find out if peregrine populations are growing as feral pigeons increase in number …. We watched two young peregrines harassing pigeons in late July 2007, while we were walking from the rear of John Lewis . Other shoppers were oblivious but stared at our enthusiasm for the low flying “birds”.

    Another reason to visit Bluewater …
    Thank you for flagging this clip, Alan


  2. Peregrines at Bluewater. Since this was mentioned in one of the local papers, I have spotted them in one particular location in the SW corner of the Bluewater site. The best direction I can give is via reference to the shops. Go down the Thames Walk arm of Bluewater (the one that runs from Marks and Spencer to House of Fraser), take the passageway to the car parks between Burger King and Timpsons shoe repairs (at ground floor level), go straight through the car park to the outer perimeter road, turn right and go about 50 yards. On the cliff top above you is an electricity pylon. Just to the right of the pylon, and about 6 feet below the top of the cliff, is a small indentation in the cliff face with paler chalk patches showing. This has created a small ledge, on which I have twice seen a single peregrine. Each sighting was late afternoon (about 4.30 to 5pm). The ledge has been empty when I have passed it at earlier times.

  3. Does anyone know if they have returned this year?

    • Hi Helen
      I don’t know. I searched google last night and couldn’t find anything for this year, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there.
      If I get a chance, I’ll nip down and have a look for them.

  4. Any excuse to go to Bluewater Alan!