Oct 192013


Where do you go birding when you know its going to rain (and your companions don’t like getting their hair wet!) Well Oare Marsh, of course.

It did rain and the girls did get their hair wet but we did see and enjoy some birds. Most of the usual Oare waders (such as dunlin) and the usual waterfowl were present but, as always for me, black tailed godwits reigned supreme. Although still well below their peak numbers they are an impressive sight. Our first merlin and a group of brent geese reminded us (as if we needed it) that winter is on its way. However bearded tits were pinging away in the reeds, several cettis warbler could be heard, and the robins were back in song. So despite the weather Oare Marsh was a great place to be.


Can you spot the bar tailed godwit amongst the black tailed in Sally’s picture? No! Neither can I. Malcolm


black t godwit2

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