Mar 272014
State of nature

State of nature

Last year many of the Conservation groups jointly published the report “State of Nature”. It made bad reading so surely we must have learnt something! It seems not.

Most of you will have read about the plans to develop Chattenden now to be considered by Medway Council. Chattenden Woods was recently designated an SSSI because of the high numbers of nightingales breeding in the wood. The recent survey by the BTO showed that Chattenden was one of the most important breeding sites for this declining species. To find out more  look at  High Halstow Parish Council website and to have your say look at Medway Council website



The development includes

“5000 residential units, up to 36,750 sqm GEA of B1 business floorspace, up to 7,350 sqm GEA B2 business floorspace, up to 3251 sqm GEA convenience retail floorspace A1, up to 2070 sqm GEA comparison retail floorspace A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, secondary school, 3 primary schools, community facility, healthcare facility, assisted living facility, nursing home, garden centre, two hotels, water bodies and associated infrastructure works including access, roads, informal and formal open space, pedestrian, cyclist and public transport infrastructure, utilities, car and cycle parking.”



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