Nov 032014

This morning I received this message from Mike Clarke and felt I must share it with you all:

Important message from Mike Clarke, RSPB Chief Executive

As you may be aware, the RSPB has recently come under attack from a group that is clearly backed by shooting and related interests. The Mail on Sunday this week has run a story full of misleading claims about the RSPB and our work.

The RSPB is having impact in tackling wildlife crime and campaigning to limit the environmental impacts of intensive shooting practices. Our success, and the growing public concern, is clearly being felt!

We firmly refute the group’s challenges. A statement is on our website’s homepage, and you can also read a further, more detailed response to the claims the group is making.

In doing so, we will continue to maintain the highest standards and integrity – and stand by what is proper and right.

Our focus should be on you our volunteers, and on our members, other supporters, and the public – and I would encourage you to speak out for your charity.

With best wishes,


Read our response

Regards, Paul

Gravesend Local Group Leader