Sep 152015

Sometimes doing the washing up at the kitchen sink has its rewards!

I just glanced up and noticed on my neighbour’s Rowan tree, silhouetted at the end of a branch, a rather heavy looking finch.

Male Bullfinch deep in Rowan tree

Male Bullfinch deep in Rowan tree (© Julie Peeling)

At first I thought it was a fluffed up chaffinch but then, after I dived for my binoculars, could see that it was actually a male Bullfinch!

After settling by the patio doors to observe, I could see other movements in the tree and could make out another two which turned out to be females.

By the time I’d got the correct lens on the camera and dworked out what settings to use, I managed to get some horrendously bad shots using no tripod, against the grey light and the tree branches swaying about in the wind.
They were busy eating the berries, the male not showing as well as the females but a delight to see nonetheless, and a first for my garden!

Female Bullfinch

Female Bullfinch (© Julie Peeling)

I excitedly phoned Sally (as I do) and told her my good news. She thought I’d won the lottery, but to be honest, I think this is as good!


(Ed. Julie has just proved one of my beliefs – you really can birdwatch anywhere!)



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  1. Almost as exciting as Waxwings! Bullfinches are so difficult to find now. Lucky you Julie – though I don’t see how it can be a first for your garden if they were in your neighbours tree!

  2. Most of their tree is over our garden Sally. So at points they were definitely in ours! Ha ha. I won’t be moaning about the berries again!

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