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The spread of the ring-necked or rose-ringed parakeet in the south-east of England has been well documented and I suspect that many of us have noticed their increasing presence.

Until today I had not encountered them any closer than Meopham. Other friends had told me of the birds visiting their feeders or sitting squawking in trees in nearby.    Today I saw for the first time two parakeets feeding on rowan berries at the side of my house.

They have arrived in Northfleet.


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  1. Loads of them roosting in the Cobham hall school area

  2. I frequently hear a pair of them while jogging along the ‘old A2’ path.

  3. They’ve been in Greenhithe for a few years now. Started with a pair, then next year we had 3, now there are 6 or 7 around us.

  4. A couple of other comments received by email:

    Dear Irene

    I was interested in your post about seeing parakeets in Northfleet.

    There has been a colony of ring-necked parakeets in Swanscombe for a number of years, perhaps approaching 7 or 8 years. They can be seen/heard regularly in both Swanscombe Cemetery or the famous Swanscombe Man Skull Site. Indeed I saw two flying over while visiting the area yesterday. I have only once seen a parakeet flying over Riverview Park in Gravesend where I live. This was about 3or 4 years ago.

    Best wishes
    Kevin Johncock


    Good luck to you with the Ring necked Parakeets !!

    I have had as many as thirteen on my feeders at one time here in Wilmington.

    The biggest problem then is the lack of smaller birds. They are such a problem at Danson Park, there was talk of culling them.

    Sue Gray.

  5. I had a pair fly over the garden this August but that is the only record so far . . . .

  6. We have had them flying over here in Meopham for ages. We even had a couple feeding on the Sunflower Hearts.

  7. Had quite a large flock in Greenhithe today. Didn’t get them all but I counted at least 12!

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