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redshankThe weather forecast was not encouraging – strong winds and rain – but I decided that I had better go having missed a previous outing. I arrived at Oare and there was water everywhere with a particularly deep puddle restricting access to the sea wall, and a strong gusty wind.

There were not many birds about but rather more than members of the group. I met Trevor who was there and after talking to him and three of the local birders found out that that the site was very wet and muddy and there were limited numbers of birds. (Although there was a scaup in the vicinity but I didn’t see it).

Undaunted I had a look over the sea wall and there were the usual waders – redshank, curlew, oystercatchers and dunlin scuttling about. The tide was well down and the sea choppy so I saw nothing on the water. I then had a cursory look at the main scrape and there was the usual selection of ducks with good numbers of pintails looking very splendid in their new plumage.

Pintail by Ian Griffin taken at Oare Marshes, 16.03.2014

Pintail by Ian Griffin taken at Oare Marshes, 16.03.2014


Lapwings and black-tailed godwits looked pretty fed up with the weather and stood around dejectedly. I know how they felt!

The strong wind was keeping the smaller birds down but a stonechat looked on from the top of a fence pole. Trevor had seen a kingfisher in one of the ditches, but it evaded me.
Finally, I gave up, defeated yet again by the weather – I will return hopefully when the sun is shining as Oare is one of my favourite sites.

Jeffrey Kirk

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