Jul 092016

This photograph was taken at Rainham. What can you see?


 Posted by on 9 July 2016 at 4:33 pm

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  1. A grey squirrel!

  2. Reckon this is a trick question as the grey squirrel is too obvious. To the left of the picture is what I thought might be a gall at first but am now suggesting some species of potter wasp nest maybe?


  3. Not a trick question. What can you see?

  4. Just received another comment “what else beside a grey squirrel?”. OK. We all saw the grey squirrel feeding close by the boardwalk at Rainham. Sally’s camera is, of course, autofocus – so, unlike us it didn’t “see” the squirrel but rather focussed on the blackthorn bush in which the squirrel was sitting. I know its a blackthorn because the hanging fruits have been attacked and distorted by a fungus which I think is called Taphrina pruni. It is actually said to be a gall. As we walked around the boardwalk Terry and Alan found two kinds of banded snail “white lipped” Cepaea hortensis and “brown lipped” Cepaea nemoralis. Just below the grey squirrel there is a snail but I don’t know which species. So, at least 4 species plus a possible flea behind the ear of the squirrel. When we are out birdwatching perhaps we should change our focus more often.

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