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On Wednesday 20th September some of us went to Warden Point on Sheppey. As we looked out to sea we realised that we were witnessing a huge migration of house martins, swallows and sand martins. Later we heard that thousands of birds had passed through Kent that day. So, with high hopes of something similar we visited St Margarets at Cliffe – but the birds had gone! The cliffs were quiet and the ravens had the air space all to themselves. Steve’s photograph shows the flight silhouette of a raven really well. (Apparently he has been practising at air shows). Stonechats seemed to be everywhere and we had good views of a Wall Brown butterfly.


One of the few migrants that we saw was this wheatear – perched at the top of  a tree.

We decided to have lunch at Samphire Hoe. Two ravens and three kestrels flying along the cliffs put on a great show that attracted everyone’s attention (well, almost everyone). Stonechats, meadow pipits, linnets and rock pipit were also seen and we found a huge, and very active, nesting colony of mining bees. Their burrows were in one small section of the cliff face.


Perhaps the star bird of the day was this peregrine. It was quite distant but it patiently sat on a cliff ledge and waited until everyone had managed to find it.

Thanks to Neville and Louise for leading. Thanks to Steve, Alan and Terry for the photographs and thanks to Sally for the video clips.



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  1. A great day out, as per normal with our group. The weather was kind to us and to see the Ravens , Peregrine and various other species, was a bonus. The spectacular show of the Ravens gliding on the cliff top thermals, was amazing..A must see for any avian follower.

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