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Hawfinch, Black necked Grebe and Avocet. What do these birds have in common? Nothing – except they have all been seen and photographed by members of the Gravesend RSPB group in recent weeks.

There has been a lot of recent interest in Hawfinch since a large number moved into the country at the end of last year. These were once a quite common breeding bird in our area but for some years now it has been an annual trip to a Bedgebury Pinetum to see them at a winter roost. But the numbers coming to roost have been declining even there – in recent years we have been lucky if we saw one bird! This year over 70 birds were recorded from the site. So off we went – with great expectations. Terry managed to get this photograph before the light started to fail. So how many did we see? Err.. one! But what a cracker!! (It has been suggested that we were watching the wrong tree).

Not sure where Steve found this Black necked Grebe. Could have been Cliffe RSPB Reserve or Dungeness Reserve. Always nice to see this species, and so easily missed – especially if it is with Little Grebes.


Sally took this photograph at Oare Marsh yesterday. When we arrived all of the avocets were roosting together on the freshwater floods – asleep.

Suddenly they all flew off and when, about 10 minutes later, we found them again on the mud adjacent to the Swale – they were all asleep!


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  1. Nice pictures. Think in cold, blowy weather, sleeping sounds a good idea.

  2. The Black necked Grebe was at Sevenoaks and is still there. The Hawfinch is still on view at Godmersham and a huge flock of Curlew at Cliffe Pools today.

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