Aug 162018

During lunch, at our recent trip to Sevenoaks Reserve, Derek introduced the topic of the proposed Swanscombe Recommended Marine Conservation Zone (as you do!). If, like me, you thought that Marine Conservation Zones are all about dolphins and sea horses, then think again! The Thames, between Greenhithe and Swanscombe (Broadness Point) has been proposed as a MCZ to protect a marine worm that lives in mud. Find out more from the official factsheet (DEFRA pdf) or at the Marine Conservation Society


I have just heard that Rye Street RSPB reserve (near Cliffe Pools) has been sold along with two other small parcels of land near Northward Hill Reserve. The reserve has never had public access except by public footpaths – so access arrangements have not changed. Sally and I like to visit the reserve as it has been a good site for corn buntings and my favourite damselfly, the scarce emerald. If you now follow the public right of way please remember it is now passes through private property.


Steve has just produced a group Newsletter. Look out for it soon for the latest news from Northward Hill and Rainham RSPB reserves. Also a great item on the white letter hairstreak butterfly at Northward Hill.



Coach Trip to WWT London Wetlands Centre . Surely you must have heard about this. It’s in the newsletter coming soon. But you will need to book with Hazel very quickly. Last time the group visited we had amazing views of a short-eared owl flying over the streets of London. Worth the entrance fee on its own. (But not guaranteed for this year!)

Gravesend Group Flickr Site. Yes – we do have one, but we could do better! Steve is busy trying to make this a better site for our group pictures and trying to make it easier to access. Try this link Gravesend Flickr Group and let us know how you get on and what you think. You should be able to see this without signing up to Flickr (I think).


The Kent Wildlife Trust has closed the Bough Beech Visitor Centre (earlier this year). Apparently the bird feeders are still being maintained – so you can enjoy the visits of huge numbers of blue tits, great tits and chaffinch – plus all the more unusual winter visitors such as brambling and marsh tit. Sadly, nowhere to buy tea, the toilets are closed and no parking. I think the hide is still open though. Still worth a visit.

I have no idea how this post will look in the email version. Sorry if it’s a mess but I can’t find any way of formatting the post for email (only the web version). Indeed it might be better as email only. I am just experimenting with a different way of passing on news between group members. Apologies to Paul for using his “Leaders Notes” but I know Sue has posts in mind for “Members Posts”. Thanks to Sally for the photographs.


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