Oct 242018

Two of our group members visited Cliffe Pools recently and they report that, after parking in the RSPB car park at the bottom of Salt Lane, they were refused entry to the reserve by workmen. I have contacted the RSPB Reserve Office and they have supplied me with the following information.

Dumping of rubbish on land adjacent to the RSPB property in 2017 is now being cleared. The contractors have been granted permission to remove the rubbish using the public right of way that is used to access the reserve from the car park. (That is the concrete track left from the car park to below the “Pinnacle Viewpoint”). The right of way is now closed for 6 months to allow the daily movement of up to 40 lorries. The workmen can refuse access. (I don’t know whether this applies 7 days a week).

If you wish to visit the reserve the car park is open but the only access to the pools is back along to the entrance of the car park and then along the “Ash Track” to Cliffe Creek. From here you can access the pools etc but you will need to retrace your steps back to the car park. There are no circular routes.

This information has gone out on “Social Media” but I personally missed it. If you intend visiting Cliffe Pools you may wish to contact the Reserves Office for the latest information.

Our Group Programme for 2019 is already printed and will be distributed at indoor meetings and by post in the next few weeks. As you might have guessed we have a group trip to Cliffe Pools planned for January 2019! The arrangements for this visit may change but details will be on our website and, as usual, information will be sent out to those of you signed up for email announcements.

Thanks to Steve and Hazel for bringing this to our attention at our meeting on Tuesday.


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