Dec 042019

Our last outdoor meeting for 2019 takes place this Saturday, 7 December at Elmley NNR.

Meet at the reserve car park ME12 3RW (TQ938679)

There are a few things to be aware of when visiting Elmley:

  1. The gate to the Reserve opens at 9 am.   Although we can stop along the road in, we must not get out of the car.   So get binoculars, cameras and anything else you might need inside the car before the gate.   This is to minimise disturbance to wildlife.
  2. There will probably be a warden on the gate or around the car park,  if so, please mention that you are part of the RSPB Group visit which has been booked with Gareth and Barry, and that you will pay in the car park.   There is a charge of “£5 per car, or £2.50 per person for large groups” (although I have no idea of what constitutes a “large group” – so unless you are a ‘Friend of Elmley’ and display your pass on the windscreen, be prepared to pay.
  3. We should also ensure we do not disturb birds along the river by staying below the sea wall and behind the screening where it is available.
  4. The gates are locked automatically at 4pm, so we need to be prompt with our departure time.

Details of this and a site map can be found in the Elmley leaflet here.

This is an excellent location for wintering wildfowl, waders and raptors.

The meeting will start at 10am and finish in time for a 4pm exit.

Leader: Sue

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