Apr 082020

You may remember my experiment way back in 2013 when I kept a list of all the birds I spotted while watching TV – here is the original article if you want to read it:

Armchair Birding

Well, in these difficult times I thought it would be a good time to suggest it as another way of keeping your brain active, even when sat in front of the “box” in the evenings.

So here are the tools you need. I have created a downloadable blank spreadsheet for the technical among you, and a printable PDF for the rest of us (a pencil and paper will do just as well).

When I did this in 2013 I included all the wildlife programmes like Springwatch – which is why my list was over 150, and why I got such a ribbing from everyone for allegedly “cheating”!

I leave it to you to decide whether or not to include those programmes – my list would have been severely curtailed if I’d excluded Spring/Winterwatch.

Should you count bird sounds or not? – again, you’re choice. I recommend Midsomer Murders or Vera for a few owl or buzzard calls added to night/outdoor scenes to add to the atmosphere!

This is just a bit of fun so no prizes, and participation is definitely not mandatory. 😉

Alan E

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  1. A great idea Alan.

  2. Gardener’s World is another good source for your armchair bird count… 🙂