About us


What we do

We have a comprehensive programme of events and activities planned for this year:
* We have two series of INDOOR MEETINGS on birds and other wildlife
* We run OUTDOOR MEETINGS at the weekend approximately twice a month and a monthly Tuesday morning meeting during the spring and summer
* We have two coach trips planned this year
* We have regular volunteer work groups that carry out conservation work on the North Kent Marshes and we also have other volunteering opportunities such as open days, fairs and fetes
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Full details can be found in our 2021 Group Programme. To join our local group click here.

Our Aims

The aim of the group is to bring together people with a common interest in wild birds and conservation. We currently have approximately 180 members, who range from complete beginners to experienced birdwatchers and those with a general interest in birds.

Join us

If you live in the area of North West Kent, join us now! Come along to one of our indoor meetings or outdoor trips and introduce yourself to us – you will be made very welcome.

The annual subscription fee is just £5.00 per person and this helps us support the work of the RSPB at a local level.

The objectives of the group are to:

  • Provide an environment where people can meet others with similar interests in wild birds and conservation in a sociable and friendly atmosphere through indoor meetings and field trips;
  • Promote the activities and campaigns of the RSPB;
  • Conserve and/or recreate habitats for the benefit of wild birds and other wildlife;
  • Raise funds for local RSPB projects;
  • Recruit members for the RSPB.

Go to the RSPB website for information about the RSPB including information on all the RSPB reserves, current campaigns and subscription charges.

This is a list of the current committee members and their email details.