Oct 292019
Sandwich Bird Observatory 27th October

Following a very wet Saturday nine members met at Sandwich Bird Observatory on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. On the drive down the signs of the forthcoming autumn were there to see in the changing colours of the road side trees. We were made aware of a bird ringing session taking place in one of […]

Jul 082019
Samphire Hoe - July trip report

Samphire Hoe is the newest part of the British Isles, created from the spoils when digging out the Channel Tunnel.  It is located close to Dover docks and overlooked by chalk cliffs. It got its name from the rock and golden samphire which are found on the site, following a public competition. Eleven of the […]

Samphire Hoe

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Jul 062014
Samphire Hoe

Just realised that I have not told you about my last two walks, I’ve been busy enjoying myself on other matters.   However, here goes with the latest update. Samphire Hoe was our destination at the end of June.   This is the reserve which was created by the spoils of the channel tunnel drilling. […]


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Mar 222012

Dungeness is always one of my favourite birdwatching sites, you never know quite what might turn up, but just occasionally it more than surprises you – it delights you, so here goes. The omens were not too good, I had two near misses in the car before I had collected my three passengers, and then […]

Dungeness trip report

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Oct 072011
Dungeness trip report

It was a fine hot sunny day for our October visit to Dungeness with little wind about.  So nice for birdwatchers and perhaps too nice for migrants – which would have made the most of the good weather and kept on going south!  We started by exploring the areas behind the lighthouse and the bushes […]