Grey Wagtail

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Jan 272017
Grey Wagtail

Just in time for Big Garden Birdwatch! Grey Wagtail in my neighbour’s garden, enjoying the water cascade by the Pond. This reminds me how much our birds need running water and bird baths in this cold weather. Make sure you provide them with water as well as food, then sit back and see how many species […]

Grey Wagtails

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May 302014
Grey Wagtails

This Wednesday Malcolm had the bright idea to travel the byways of Kent in search of Grey Wagtail territories.   As the driver of a car only washed the day before I was delighted to ramble down narrow country lanes with potholes in abundance – Malcolm helpfully requesting that I avoid them of course!   […]

Toys Hill and Sevenoaks

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Mar 082012
Toys Hill and Sevenoaks

Having been cooped up in the house for the last few days with a cold, I was really looking forward to getting out again.   The weather forecast wasn’t too good, but we decided to go to Toys Hill near Brasted.   Malcolm and Sally had been there once before – on a wet day.   As we […]

Jan 082012
Grey Wagtail at Shorne Country Park

On Friday Sally and I visited Ashenbank Wood at Cobham. This wood is surprisingly good for birds and we had excellent views of nuthatch, treecreeper, great spotted woodpecker, and a mixed flock of blue, great and long tailed tits. Several bird watchers have taken to putting up bird feeders in the wood – using peanuts, […]

If it’s Wednesday it must be . . . .

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Apr 272011
If it's Wednesday it must be  . . . .

me again! Today we sampled the delights of Brooklands Lake near Snodland first thing this morning where we saw blackcap, whitethroat and heard chiffchaff and sedge warbler.   As we did a gentle lap of the lake there were sand and house martins and swallows flying overhead.   Despite our best efforts we were not able to find the common […]