Mar 082016
Ian's been busy!

More exciting news from Ian, who visited Elmley recently where he saw a jack snipe.   See this beautiful bird in his video here.   The bouncing is diagnostic behaviour of jack snipe on migration. Something to whet the appetite of all those intending to go on the group meeting this coming weekend. Then, just to annoy […]

Jan 152014
Team Work . . . . .  always pays off in the end!

When we set off this morning, the weather was overcast, and rain threatened, but with Malcolm’s “it’ll be sunny by 11:30” ringing in our ears we decided on Blean Woods to start and then Reculver. Our thoughts were that if we were likely to see a lesser spotted woodpecker this year then we needed to […]

Jan 132012
Bossenden Wood

A new venue for me, part of the Blean Wood complex near Canterbury and in winter an excellent opportunity for some woodland birds. A beautiful day with clear blue skies, bright sunshine and no wind – how lucky could we be! Although a small area we managed to make a day of it, examining fresh […]